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María Sylvia Llamozas A.K.A ia Llamozas, was born in 1983 and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Having grown up in a tropical country, very near to the ocean and surrounded by exuberant vegetation and fauna, she fell in love with nature. Throughout her life, she has also been fascinated by art and storytelling, which drove her to study Journalism.

Once graduated, she moved to Barcelona, Spain, where the rich artistic culture and creative atmosphere that surrounded her made her want to explore her artistic inclinations in a deeper manner. After taking several art courses, but being mainly self-taught, she delved into the practice of collage art. What she cherishes the most from this medium is the ability to tell stories through the images that she collects and puts together with artistic joy. 

In 2020, ia started to teach online courses on how to create collage and everything about this wonderful medium. With more than 350 students worldwide, what she loves the most is helping others to express themselves and find joy and calm through the act of creating. She primarily works with corporate teams and has been lucky to host experiences for companies such as Apple, Intel, Yelp, Etsy and Target among others. Her work has been exhibited in several cities in Spain including Madrid, where her work was selected by “La Colect” for its collective exhibition of emerging artists in Madrid (2015), and Barcelona, where she won 1st place in a collective exhibition of Ibero-American artists (June 2018). She has also created content for brands like Airbnb and Neubau Eyewear, as well as created editorial illustrations for magazines such as Vogue Spain. Selected press features include interviews with The Art Gorgeous and the HolaGwapa podcast. 

She currently lives in Tenerife on the Canary Islands with her husband and French bulldog Lola, where she creates from her home studio.

Art CV


  • Participation in the group exhibition of “New Futures” as part of Munich Jewelry Week curated by Anna Cara Keim. July 6-10, 2022
  • Participation in the group online exhibition of Visionary art Collective “Ephemeral/ Eternal” curated by Alicia Puig Co-founder of PxP Contemporary. June 25th until August 31st, 2022.
  • Solo exhibition “Paper Stories” retrospective of collage and cyanotypes at the Giro-Arte Gallery in La Laguna, Tenerife from June 1 to 30, 2022
  • Art collaboration and exhibition with Origen Cafe (Speciality coffee shop in Tenerife) April 2022
  • Art collaboration and content creation with Alain’s Granola (local brand in Tenerife) March 2022
  • Art Collaboration with Malamata Jewelry brand (local brand in Tenerife) February 2022
  • Skillshare teacher since January 2022
  • Online experience with Airbnb for corporate teams to explore their creativity through collage. Worked with companies like Etsy, Apple, Intel, Yelp, Target among others (April 2021 – until today).
  • Participation in the online and international collective exhibition, MONUMENTAL from December 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022. Curated by Sergio Gomez at sergiogomezcurates.net April – September 2021.


  • April – September 2021 “Head of Hispanics” in the artistic community The Art Gorgeous theartgorgeous.com managing the Spanish-speaking community.
  • Collaboration with the NEUBAU Eyewear brand creating collage and content for their social networks (August 2020).
  • Collaboration with Airbnb to create content for their social networks in which they taught their followers how to create a collage card (May 2020).
  • Participated in “Espai oberts bcn” a local market in Produkt Buro (May 4, 2019 Barcelona)
  • Realization of digital collage for the cover of the online magazine QMode qmode.es (February 2019)
  • Editorial Illustration (collage) for VOGUE Spain November 2018 issue.
  • Participation in the Collective Exhibition of Ibero-American Art “Daily Languages” organized by the European Association of Bohemian Culture and Arts. Place: Inceptum Foundation (June 30 – July 28, 2018) Winner of the First Place award
  • 2017-2019 Collaboration with Corner4Art specialists in Comic Art and Disney creating Disney collages for their collectors.
  • Participation in the collective pop-up exhibition Art exhibition “De lo femenino” curated by Zurda magazine (March 2016).
  • Solo exhibition at Collage Barcelona Bar organized by Arte EncopArte (March – April 2016).
  • Participation in the collective exhibition “Vespre 10” in the University of Barcelona organized by the Centro de Arte Mutuo (July 18, 2015).
  • Participation in the “Summer Exhibition” organized by the Circle of Fine Arts of Tenerife (Summer 2015).
  • Participation in the exhibition “Universo Marca Barcelona”, in Sala Ciutat organized by Dive and the Barcelona City Council (April 2015)
  • Participation in the exhibition of emerging artists in Madrid, curated by La Colect (March 2015).

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