Alain’s Granola

Alain’s Granola

Alain's Granola

Collab with this natural, artisanal made granola brand made from Tenerife island.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I do believe how we start our day sets the mood for the rest of the day. I tried this granola brand at a local bakery and I instantly loved it. Fresh, natural, healthy, and yummy! So I decided to contact the brand @alainsgranolas and offer to make a collaborate with them. I would create paper collages inspired by the brand and some of my favorite flavors and in return, I would help them spread the word about their product on my social media as well as create content like photos and reels for them to share as well. 

This is the first video that I created and shared to create awareness of this amazing brand I was going to collaborate with. It was a great teaser to introduce the product and a way for me to introduce why I had chosen to work with this particular brand. 

As for the paper collages what seemed most natural to me was to play with the natural ingredients and the fact that the brand was produced locally. Working with paper made sense since paper reminds me of the importance of sustainability and craftsmanship. Values that I have in common with this brand. I also created with the brand a giveaway to help them raise awareness. The collage creations also allowed me to create video content for Instagram in the format of reels. 

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