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Origen Café

Origen Café

As a Venezuelan, coffee has always been part of my life. Is part of our culture, it fits into our daily routines at breakfast, and it’s also an excuse to share with friends and family. All the world’s problems seem less severe after sharing a coffee break with your loved ones. But not all coffees are the same. After more than a decade of living in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to see the growth of the trend of specialty coffee, focused on real coffee, the one that takes care of every detail such as harvesting, roasting, and grinding, which through an artisanal process allows you to enjoy different flavor notes, intensities and aromas.

When I moved to Tenerife I was so HAPPY when I discover Origen Café a local Speciality Coffee store that invites you to STOP the rush of everyday life, CONNECT with your senses, with yourself, and with those with whom you want to share the moment to ENJOY a good coffee and a good time. I decided I wanted to be somehow connected to this amazing store and contacted them to do a collab.

They were thrilled with the idea and invited me to the shop to taste some amazing coffee and of course, to talk and share ideas. We decided that we wanted art to fill their spaces and also to create art so that their customers could also shop and enjoy art inspired by their favorite drink. So with this in mind, I created a series of 6 artworks that reflect the mood of coffee lovers as well as pay a tribute to the beautiful Canary Islands, a magical place with all the ideal conditions to be the only place in Europe where coffee is grown.

The original works will be displayed from April to June 2022 in their store in C.C La Villa and prints of all works will be available to shop in this store and in their other shop in Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa. I hope this is the beginning of many coffee collaborations to come!

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