Illy Caffè

Illy Caffè

"On the feminine" Exhibit Collab

On the feminine” is a proposal organized by Zurda Magazine to bring together and enhance female talent in art in the city of Barcelona, based on an issue as important in these times as sustainability, to reuse a material that is part of everyday life, such as the  illy coffee cans, to give them new life and reuse them either as a decorative object, as a pot for plants, as a box for various objects: brushes, tissues, food products, etc.

My proposal for this exhibition was to create a collage made with magazine paper to give them a new life as well as the object it decorates. The collage consisted of a tribute to the name of the exhibition: De lo feminino (“On the feminine” ). So the collage consisted of the feminine “illy corset” inspired by details such as coffee beans and that feminine essence highlighted in the subtlety of the flowers.

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