Februllage: My 2023 experience and tips

collageFebrullage: My 2023 experience and tips

Februllage: My 2023 experience and tips

Every February the amazing team of Februllage, a collaboration between Edinburgh Collage Collective and the Scandinavian Collage Museum,  invites collage artists to make a “collage a day” throughout the month of February using the Februllage Official Word Prompt Calendar. To see all 2023 posts be sure to check #februllage2023 

2023 was my first year joining the challenge but it has been running for some years now. I wanted to create a post that could help myself and other artists when tackling this challenge in the future with a few tips and ideas that have been helpful for me, you can see the video below and I am also including some bullet points below as well


  • TIME: You won’t always have time to create, since the word prompt calendar is shared in advance (mid-January approx) plan your month and create for the days you won’t have time for. Also try to post or schedule your posts for early in the morning UK time, since it is the best time to ensure your post is seen and selected to be featured.
  • GOALS: Will you join for the full month, will you only take part in a few prompts, or once a week? This is completely personal, but I do believe being prepared helps you stay accountable. Also, what do you personally wish to achieve with this, will you practice a certain technique, or do you want to create a collection you can later sell? Take all of these into account before starting.
  • RULES: Having extra rules can help you be more prepared or make you more creative. Will all of your creations be made on the same paper size for consistency, will you work with material from one book or webpage?
  • FLEXIBILITY: Life happens and in 28 days a lot can happen that changes your plans. Be open to not meeting all your deadlines, and also how will you make up for it, how you handle the issues that come up can also be an opportunity for growth and learning.
  • SHARE: Whatever you decide to create or however you decide to join the challenge since it takes place on Instagram be sure to use the hashtag, participate, engage with creations you love, follow artists, and POST on stories and your feed so your own audience can follow along and enjoy the experience as well. You never know who is watching or reading and if there might be some opportunities that arise from this experience as well.

If you wish to see the 2023 collages I created please visit this link.

Any questions please feel free to reach out 🙂 have a great day!


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