On September 19th, 2021, a volcano erupted on the island of La Palma, on the Canary Islands. It is said that this is the biggest volcano of this century. Thanks to the organization of the local government there have been no deaths or injuries, however many homes, plantations, and workspaces have been completely lost under the lava.

And yes, it’s incredible to witness nature’s force but rather than a show its a tragedy for many lives. Since I recently moved to Tenerife, and it’s an island very close to La Palma, seeing this so near has made very sad for all the Palmeros (people from La Palma)and their situation. I decided to create an artwork to help me digest all the information and also to reflect all the lives that have been affected.

I chose to add dots to represent all the house and buildings the lava has swallowed. And these bright colors that hipnotize me specially in the evening when the volcano seems to be more alive and like to show off all its force.

It has made me sad but also creating helped me to spread the word over Social Media and hopefully inspire other to donate. So far the donations have been overwhelming but much is needed to be done to help. Please find below some info if you too wish to donate


Here is the final collage.

I hope all those dots can have hope and begin again their lives after this tragedy is over.

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