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Tenerife, Island Life

June 6th marks the day we moved to live on an island. My husband and I are both from Venezuela, we met in 2011 in Barcelona where we fell in love got married, and started our lives together. Actually, Barcelona is where I got inspired to start making collage art and where I lived the journey of turning my hobby and passion into my full-time work. But somewhere along the way, we started craving a more relaxed lifestyle, more connected to nature and we both realized we had always dreamed of living on an island. 

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, we had visited it once together for work and immediately loved it. It’s a magical place, with mountains, volcanos, and black sand beaches. There are incredible forests to get lost in that will make you forget you are on an island. There is also so much poetry in understanding that volcanos for those that live near them are not just a thread but because they exist and because they erupted a long time ago they settled the grounds for what is today the island itself. To understand that the life cycle not only destroys but allows for life to flow is such a gift! 

I am forever grateful to be here, to be inspired to create, I will soon be posting a video of my new studio at home, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to share a video of the amazing scenarios that have inspired on these shorts months that I have gotten to call this place HOME! If you’re inspired and want to see more f the island you can follow us on Facebook, me and Francisco, my husband an amazing photographer will be sharing inspo of our island life on our Instagram page:

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